Friday, September 17, 2010

Letters & Numbers - Themed Photography 115 @ Carmi's

Today I came across Carmi's Blog for the first time and the Thematic Photography theme for this week - Letters & Numbers. Since I had nothing else to do, I decided to give it a try.  It's only when I started looking around, I realised that we are all surrounded by alphabets and numbers. It's everywhere.. more than u realise.
It was hard to decide what to shoot and ended up with these three..

Eye Candy: Jelly Beans

This caught my eye for its rich colorfulness.We got it  the other day, and I ate Jelly Beans for the first time in my life (u may be really surprised or even shocked. But yeah, it was the first time :) ) To be honest, I didnt like many of the 41 Unique Flavors it has and it stick to ur teeth too :P

2010 America The Beautiful Quarter - Hot Springs, AR

We started out with this idea of collecting the Quarters with all the 50 states signs. Once that was done, we started looking for other different coins. I found this coin last week, googled about it and came to know of the 2010 America The Beautiful Quarters Program that was launched this year. This program will run for 11 years and will feature 56 national parks or national sites, one from each state, federal district & territory. This is the first and only set in the series released so far.

Gold Crown of America?

While searching for my Hot Springs Quarter (pic above), I saw this Dollar coin. It had letters, number & a symbol, so I decided to picture it too. I was using this Hallmark paper cover as a background for the above foto. Then the word "Gold Crown" and the golden colored crown of the Statue of Liberty in this Dollar coin caught my eye..Thought it is interesting..
So, which is the Gold crown of USA -- Statue of Liberty or Hallmark or Both?  :)


  1. I had not heard about the new quarters. Interesting.

  2. Great photos - saw them on Carmi's thematic Challenge.

    come again!

  3. You're right: We are indeed surrounded by them! It's an alpha-numeric invasion :)

    Seriously, these are grand. I've never much fancied jelly beans, either. Too sweet. But I like how you've shot them. The light is divine! And the label has just enough of a retro feel to take you back.

    Delightful choices for this week's theme! I'm so pleased you took part!