Saturday, March 19, 2011

thematic - late..

Sorry guys.. we are a bit late.. Hope you don't mind..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thematic Photography - Strangers (contd..)

Hmm... thematic photography can make you realize things about yourself which otherwise you may never know...

This week's theme - Strangers - made me realise I am not much of a "people" photographer (especially strangers), but a "things/places/events" photographer. After going through hundreds of old fotos, I could find only a handful pictures where I intentionally shot strangers. Here is one.
This was shot under the Arch @ St Louis. Liked the frame and couldn't help but click.

May be now on, I will start focusing a little more on people.. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thematic Photographic 134 - Strangers - (and Kanyakumari :) )

I am going to put few snaps from our trip to Kanyakumari (or Cape Comorin - as referred to by the British) - the southern most tip of peninsular India - last April.

Kanyakumari is a famous tourist attraction of southern India, famous for its picturesque views of Sunrise and Sunset, beautiful beaches, Temple of Godess Kanyakumari, Triveni Sangamam (Meeting Place of Indian Ocean,Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal), Vivekananda rock and many more. I am very disappointed to say, I couldn't find any decent site which has relevant info & good pictures, of the place. However this site has some useful info, but I should warn you, the site is not very impressive. You can find great images of the place in flickr and google images.

I can continue to write a lot more, but since this is supposed to be about themes & photos, I leave the rest for you guys to explore.

This picture below is a tiny part of the 2-3 mile long Q, to get to the boat to the "Vivekananda Rock". It gives you a glimpse of the diversity & colorfulness of India. Added adv: no one (except that one guy) can sue me here for putting their "faces" in the internet :P

Below is another scene from the same place - another street. Though the picture is blurred, something about it appealed to me. Again, not many lawsuits here too :)

That's it about this week's thematic photography.

But it wont be fair to end this without putting couple of pics from the beautiful place. So, here it is. (Picture courtesy: My Husband)

I hope this would inspire at least one of you to visit India - Incredible !ndia  :)